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Australian PR is designed for highly skilled professionals who are listed in the Skilled Occupation list. And we are associated with a Registered migration Agent ( MARA ) from Australia to Represent our Clients. Australian Permanent Residency is undoubtedly one of the fastest immigration process. It take just 6-12 months from filling your application to get a PR. It only specified skills in the Skilled Occupation list are given priority for work and to settle permanently in Australia.

The Australian immigration has become quite prominent in the past few years. And immense job Opportunities have made it a preferable choice of immigration. There are certain rules and regulations to be followed for immigration. Resident visa are a permanent settlement in Australia along with the family. And your profile will be made available for Australian Employers thru Skill select, if you meet the requirements outlined by DIAC.
Exclusive Features of Australian permanent Residency:

  • Live and work on a permanent basis
  • Multiple entry visa for 5 years
  • Eligible for Australian Citizenship after completion of 3 years
  • Immediate family unification
  • Family & spouse allowed to work in Australia.
  • Entitled for certain social benefits
  • Eligible to sponsor Relatives and invite them to Australia

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